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holy crap i am a nervous wreck

my last few hours in sg for the next month. MONTH holy crap im nervous horrified this is some scary shit like im excited yeah but i am, so scared hoooomg okay its fine dont freak out.

few more things to put in, then im all set to go. this is so scary

sometimes i get surprised at how fast the realisation comes. its better than the alternative, but is it worth it.

i think its time to like, keep a whole bunch of throw-able things near me when im studying.

cos like, i cant keep throwing my pens and then go pick it up like some idiot hahaha

tell me the difference between limen liminal liminal space liminal rights and liminoid.


i want an ass like jen selter’s. better werk.

realised now i was having a ridic breakdown

LOL its all good, got my head back on straight and i regret nothinggggggggg. shall remove the goo from my tumblr now.


play martyr, see if i care.

*super dramatic welcome bow* please, take the stage.

honestly damn stressed out like how do i deal with this my poor baby.

three words is all it takes

to make these hours and hours of effort and fatigue worthwhile

holy crap im so excited for this i wana cry.