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honestly damn stressed out like how do i deal with this my poor baby.

three words is all it takes

to make these hours and hours of effort and fatigue worthwhile

holy crap im so excited for this i wana cry.





the sweetest boy ever.
i’m always kinda late to the grief party

now i’m crying cos it hit me; i lost my best friend. 

but i guess these things can’t be helped. and i don’t see any other way, but that doesn’t mean the reality of it all doesn’t hurt. 

oh well. 

lol tmbg.

lol tmbg.

so i was asked about JC

and i realised you can’t really describe it haha. i legit sound like an idiot when my boy’s raving on about poly’s study system and internships and clubs and bowling alleys and lepak game rooms; i mean JC really doesn’t have much. but still, given a choice, I wouldn’t go the other way. the one thing that i miss about jc is having a common place, and always having someone to talk to. jc for me was going to the canteen knowing that there’s someone there, and if they’re not there right now, they will be soon. it is the solidarity we find in knowing that we don’t really have much; a nonsense gym, small library, old buildings, but still making the best out of what we had. it was the huge field with the open sky, the nonsense lectures that never (ever ever ever) ends, the sneaking food into classes, answering phone calls in GP, being with my TMBG.

i miss that feeling of, togetherness. everyone in one place dealing with the same shit, we weren’t strangers. and i feel that in uni we are. you kinda stick with the same old people, which isn’t a bad thing, but the place just doesnt feel as welcoming as jc was (i’d probably have a different opinion once i graduate though haha) i mean bp was awesome too don’t get me wrong, but jc was special. all the experiences, the camps, the friends, the countless nights spent sleeping in random classrooms or the school hall, it just doesn’t compare. i learnt alot about myself in those two years, grew up a lot too.

if there’s one argument for jc, its the people you meet and the friends you make and the nonsensical mandatory stuff like freaking sports day and assemblies. we were not exactly kids, but not exactly adults either. i just cant describe it in words.

jj will always be special to me, and no amount of fancy lepak rooms will ever make me think otherwise.

okay so ive done my workout today

currently cant breathe, still better than mugging